National Security - the Field of Study

Security ensuring services and activities belong to the fastest and constantly developing sectors of the Polish economy. The internal situation of the Republic of Poland and the changing conditions of the international environment contribute to the dynamic growth of the security sector. International terrorism and the necessity of permanent protection related to mass events, foreign missions, the operation of local command centers, security and detective agencies, entities dealing with acquiring, storing, and, above all, protecting information, all require training in the field of security and specialists who can tackle current problems. In the face of the crisis and the ever-growing spectrum of threats, finding rewarding work in the broadly understood security sector requires candidates to be properly prepared, and have the highest level qualifications.

National Security is an area of study for people interested in the security of the Republic of Poland and who have a career based on counteracting the threats brought by the modern world. During their studies, students will learn about the dangers present in a dynamically changing reality, including the challenges and threats that await us on a global scale - the world, regional - the continent, countries neighboring Poland, the local - state, province, city, workplace. The aim of the studies is to adequately prepare future graduates to deal with rapidly changing and often difficult life situations. During the course, our students acquire not only theoretical knowledge, but also the practical skills of predicting, analyzing and solving threats of various kinds, types and scales.
The program includes interdisciplinary knowledge based in the social sciences (law and administration, management, international relations, but also political science and sociology) as well as vocational subjects (theory, strategy, security policy, logistics, crisis management). The program also includes practical classes (e.g. public communication, enterprise security, business intelligence, first premedical help, civil defense, education for security).
Our students have the opportunity to learn the most important legal aspects as well as security procedures used in crisis management. They will also have the ability to plan and coordinate activities, gain practical skills in teamwork under changing conditions, and in the face of various threats. Students will learn the basics of strategic thinking and acquire the ability and means to achieve the desired effect.

INTERNAL SECURITY OF THE STATE - prepares for a career in uniformed services: Police, Polish Army, Border Guard, Prison Service, Fire Brigade, Customs Services, Road Transport Inspection, Municipal Guard, Railway Protection Guard, National Civil Defense, Ministry of Interior structures and the Ministry of Justice, organizations and / or institutions guaranteeing the safety of citizens, and in the government, local government, and administration ensuring public order. The graduates are also adequately prepared for work / service in International public safety institutions and organisations.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT AND RESCUE - preparing for a career in public sector, enterprises and institutions related to crisis management, Armed Forces, Crisis Management Departments on a country and regional /local level, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and other institutions at risk of  causing an accident or a catastrophe. In addition, the graduates will acquire knowledge as well as skills necessary in rescue operations; providing first pre-medical help at the scene of incidents, and rescue services related to securing areas under crisis. Obtaining such qualifications will allow for effective reduction of damages caused by the occurrence of an accident or a large scale crisis situation.

MILITARY SECURITY AND NATIONAL DEFENSE - a new specialisation preparing graduates for a career in government, local government administration, bodies responsible for military aspects of state security, as well as all other related sectors of the economy, acting directly and indirectly for the defense of the state. This specialisation is, contrary to appearances, not only attractive for Polish Army soldiers and people who want their professional life to be associated with this formation. As already pointed out, for the sake of national security, not only the army, but also other institutions cooperating with it at various levels play vital role in the national defense. Adequate and effective security cannot be provided without the proper functioning of the armed forces, industry or other sectors in uniformed services, also actively present at the local and regional levels. The above is the reason why this specialisation is also dedicated to the employees and candidates for special sectors, as well as employees of the judiciary and international structures. A Military Security and National Defense specialisation will undoubtedly be also attractive for all those who are interested in broadly understood state security as well as international, and other threats, as well as defense and protection against them, and would like to deepen their knowledge of state security with special regard to its military aspects. This specialisation provides detailed and specialist knowledge as well as a broad view of the functioning of modern military and defense systems, which cannot be underestimated in today’s turbulent and very complex full of threats and challenges, international environment. As the wise ancient Roman principle say, si vis pacem, para bellum – if you want peace, prepare for war.


The studies are intended for people dealing professionally with security issues, and in particular for:

1. Officers and employees of uniformed services, state and local government administration, bodies and institutions fighting against threats to state and national security. Students expanding their knowledge, acquire new skills and improve their qualifications which may promote professional advancement.

2. High school graduates entering the labor market. The acquired theoretical knowledge and completed numerous professional practices and activities will become an important asset in a candidate’s efforts to create an interesting professional career.